10 best online rn to bsn programs in 2023

An RN to BSN program allows for holders of nursing diploma or ADN trained nurses to bridge their way over to the bachelor of science nursing degree which helps them develop improved clinical reasoning and improved analytical skills that are needed to advance their career & prepare them for a broader scope of work.

rn to bsn requirements
In order to be eligible for this program, there are a number of rn to bsn requirements that you must make sure that you have met or attained. These will include:
•You must be a holder of an associate diploma or diploma in nursing.
• Have a current & unrestricted RN license.
• You may be required to undergo a criminal background check.
• A grade point average of at least 2.5.
• Be currently employed in a hospital or other health facility.

In order to give you a better idea of what is available in terms accredited rn to bsn online programs we have categorized the schools as below.

Best online rn to bsn programs
For these the schools have been rated on several factors such as tuition cost, flexibility, accreditation, student support & offering specializations.

Cheapest rn to bsn online programs
These are the programs that have been rated mainly based on the cost of the course.
i) Northwestern State University of Louisiana
This university is probably the most affordable rn to bsn program that is offered online with a tuition of just $6750 that includes fees and the tuition for 30 credit hours while offering complete training in the theory and practical degree requirements. It is also CCNE accredited, you can get more information about it here.

ii) Indiana University South bend
This university offers an rn to bsn program through its Vera Z Dwyer college of health sciences which allows one the option of taking the course full time for a period of 1 year or part time for 2 years. The program costs about $8486, you can get more details on their website here.

iii) Texas A & M International University
Here the course is offered fully online which is especially convenient for those working and want to continue to do so while studying. The course is ACEN accredited and has a comprehensive course . It costs a total of $8995, see more details on their website here

iv) Texas Womans University
texas-women1This program is also offered fully online and is very comprehensive as far as the course content. However the application process is quite strict and requires one to apply through the undergraduate program for the university then if you qualify then you can go ahead and now apply for bsn course. Also depending on your academic background you may be required to take additional prerequisite courses which may increase the cost of the whole course. Generally the course will cost about $9000, get more information here.

v) University of Louisiana Monroe
The RN to BSN program at University of Louisiana Monroe is also a fully online course that offers a seeks to equip you with a inclusive outlook of nursing through management classes and it is CCNE accredited. The course tuition is $8750 and the university allows students to pay by the course where the cost of the tuition is spread out over the credit hours one is taking so it can be a bit easier to pay as you study. More information here.

Fastest rn to bsn program online
McNeese State University
This is the fastest rn to bsn program online that we have found so far in terms of how long it will take you to complete as it offers an accelerated program that will allow you get your bsn in just 10 months! It is also CCNE accredited so you are assured of the highest quality of training. The cost of the tuition is about $9000, you can get more information about it here.

All round great online rn to bsn programs
The schools that we have listed below are the one that we found to offer the best all round package for bsn training.

i) Illinois State University
Through its Menonite college of nursing Illinois State University offers an rn to bsn program that is reputed to be among the best online bachelors programs as rated by US news & world report and also quality certified by the nonprofit agency Quality matters. In addition they have long history of teaching this course at the university having offered it for over 30 years. The course has both part-time and fulltime options so it is there quite flexible. The program takes about 1 year and has a tuition fee of about $15,252. Get more information about it here.

ii) Clarion University
Also rated among the best bachelors programs, Clarion university Pennsylvania offers a fully online rn to bsn course that is accredited and is well balanced offering not just career specific education but also critical life skills for nursing such as personal development and creative thinking. The course tuition fee is about $19,000 and runs for a period of one year. Read more information about it here.

iii) Northwest Nazarene University
This program is offered fully online and also offers a number of credit transfer options from other colleges as well as an exemption from some general education required courses which would mean you would not have to take those courses at all and reduce your overall tuition fee. The course is CCNE accredited and has been ranked among the top bachelors programs offered in the US. The tuition fee is about $18, 650 you can see more information about it here.

iv) Ball State University
Ball state university also offers an online rn to bsn program that affords you a number of great flexibility options such as a six semester option spread over two years or a three semester option completed in one year. The two year option is great as it will make it easier to pay for the tuition and also the workload is not as heavy as the material is spread out over the course of two years so if you have a very busy schedule this would be an ideal option even though it will take longer. You are also assured of high quality of training as the course is CCNE accredited and Ball state university has also been recognized as having one of the best nursing training programs in the US. The tuition for the course is about $13,700 you can get more information here.

As you can see from the list above there are quite a number of options available when it comes to online rn to bsn programs and it all depends on what you want as an individual, your works & life schedule and also how much money you have at your disposal for the tuition. You can also get more about what does a registered nurse do.